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Spate Media offers new ways for indie artists to get heard and seen with MTV and BET

Most indie artists dream of getting their music on MTV, BET and national radio. Spate Media is now offering a service that will send your music directly to national radio and television programmers. How does it work? If you have a song that is ready for radio, just send it to antoine@spatemag.com to be approved. Once its approved you make your payment at spatemedia.info for $500.00 and then we will send that song directly to the radio programmers of your choice. Whether its urban radio or pop radio you have your choice of up to 500 stations. How will I know if my song is played? The radio station will contact you directly if they play your song but we can send you reports of the stations that actually listened or downloaded your song.

We can also do the same for your music video. It would be the same process for sending music but we would send it to MTV, BET and many more. The same for $500.00 applies and we can also send you reports when it might be aired etc..

We have worked hard to develop great relationships with our partners in media and working with us will definitely get your music and videos seen and heard. The rest is up to you, the quality of the music and videos will determine how far it goes. Quality is still the key even if your being seen and heard.

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