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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Justo Beatz

What's up Justo Beatz? For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

I was born Justin Miller aka Justo Beatz I am a singer ,songwriter and producer.

You hail from Poughkeepsie NY, what's the climate for music up there?

The music scene in my city is amazing! There is also a lot of unique talent in my neighborhoods. I can recall my last year of high school there were only one or two artist in town who really took music serious. Now there are numerous crews who are really determine to making it happen for Poughkeepsie. And at this point it is all about who is going to be brave enough to stand out and be different. Who will take that chance and provide something refreshing that lets the world know that the "Poughkeepsie Sound"

Early on who were some of your musical influences?

My most memorable musical influences came from my parents. My mother is a huge Smokey Robinson fan and my father played a lot Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. As I grew older I discovered Maxwell, Jay-z, Babyface and that whole 90's golden era of Urban Music. As I got into producing first and foremost it was Stokely Watson who taught me everything from understanding tempo to song structure. I also learned a lot from Drawzilla who taught me a lot about mixing and song structure as well. Industry wise I am a huge Timbaland fan. I believe he is the greatest to ever do it, with all do respect to DJ Premier, J Dilla and Dr.Dre who I also look up to. I also am huge fans of Hit-Boi and Diplo.

You drew alot of inspiration from your mother as well, how did she play a part in your musical upbringing?

My mother is a huge Smokey Robinson and Babyface fan. I can recall falling a sleep to the sounds of Sade coming from her bedroom. No matter what were the circumstances my mother had a song for every mood. If things were going good she would play a lot of up-tempo Whitney Houston, SWV, and Bobby Brown. When circumstances wasn't the best she played a lot of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Music was always a reflection of our trails and tribulations. Music always has gotten us through a lot.

You recently produced a new single with upcoming artist Young Fellz called 'Put It On Her ' featuring R&B Legend Tony Sunshine. How did y'all link and what can we expect from the collabo?

The "Put it on her" record was truly an instance of magic. I met Young Fellz at the Elegant Hoodness Music Program hosted by AD The General, one of my first beat battles in Brooklyn. She would set it up so everyone who attended surrounded the middle of the room and the producers would play their beats and witch ever artist was brave would step up and rap to your beat. The catch was that the person who raps over your beat could ruin your beat if he was wack or can take it over the top if he's a dope rapper. So they played the first beat, the crowed loved it and guess who raised his hand out the bunch. Young Fellz and he killed it. From that point the relationship grew.

What was your creative approach to making the record? How did Fellz react when he first heard it?

Early February Fellz hit me up and was like "Yo Justo I got this session with Tony Sunshine on Saturday. Do you have something that's a little R&B And hip hop in the catalog? I told him no but I would put something together for him. I can remember at that the time I was going through a lot because I just crashed my car during a snow storm. I was more focused on trying to get back on my feet and getting back and forth to work was a serious problem. Monday hit and I still didn't make the beat because I was so overwhelmed with my current issues. That night I can remember sitting at my job listening to music on my phone and heard that throwback Dj Clue "Best Of Me" remix with Mya and Jay-Z when I was interrupted by a phone call. It was Fellz Again. "Yo Justo you got that joint"
I was at work at the time and I so happened to bring my keyboard with me knowing that there was a great chance I wasn't going to be able to make it home to make beats. The idea suddenly hit me "Matter of fact Fellz imma work on that right now". I started the beat that night at my job around 12am. Fast forward to that Thursday I sent him the beat while he was working around 10 am. It was 3pm and still haven't heard from him. So at the point I'm getting a little apprehensive, thinking he didn't like the beat. Five O'Clock hits and he hits be back like " Yo this is fire"! So at that point I felt relieved. That Sunday I just finish playing basketball and I got a text from Fellz telling me to check my email.
I heard the record and I just knew the moment I heard Tony's Chorus that this was the one and so did everyone around us.

Who are some of the artists you want to work with in the future?

The artist I want to work with the most is Beyonce. I believe She is the greatest artist of our time that would solidify me as someone who was here to stay. And of course Jay-Z who is the greatest rapper of our generation.

What's next for Justo Beatz?

Whats next for Justo Beatz is progression. I have been blessed to have worked on numerous up and coming artist projects and a few major projects that shall remain nameless until the time is right.

Any last words or shouts?

Shout out to Tyler A, Young Fellz, Tony sunshine, Trustar,International Nova, Ad The General, Stokely Watson, Drawzilla, Slimm Gemm, JHatch, everyone from Poughkeepsie pursuing music as a lifestyle for having faith in my craft since day one.

Where can we find you online?

Follow me' on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/JUSTOBEATZ
Follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/JUSTOBEATZ
Follow me' on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/JUSTOBEATZ
Follow me' on reverbnation JUSTO BEATZ | Hip Hop from Poughkeepsie, NY

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